iGPS apps is Backup Garmin GPS waypoints

Platform: Mac

Earth's Core

Earth's Core apps is Find out everything there is to know about gems and minerals

Platform: Windows

World POI Database

World POI Database apps is WorldPOIdb is a very large off-line database with 250 countries, 4,298,518 cities and 6,677,555 points of interest

Platform: Windows

World of Where

World of Where apps is Learn the capitals and countries of the world

Platform: Windows Platform: Mac


WW2D apps is Free and open-source version of NASA World Wind software

Platform: Windows


eMaps apps is A Free Science & education program for Mac

Platform: Mac

World Explorer

World Explorer apps is Learn about the World on your Mac

Platform: Mac


MacENC apps is GPS navigation tool for professional mariners

Platform: Mac


EarthNavigator apps is Interactive map of the earth for geography enthusiasts

Platform: Palm OS

KMZ / KML to GPX converter

KMZ / KML to GPX converter apps is Ge2Gpx converts Waypoints, Routes and Tracks from KMZ/KML to a GPS compatible format in a few steps.

Platform: Windows

Quantum GIS

Quantum GIS apps is Free Software for Data Editors

Platform: Windows

GPS Converter

GPS Converter apps is GPSconverter converts Waypoints, Tracks, and Routes from/to any file format for GPS receiver or mapping program.

Platform: Windows

GPX Viewer

GPX Viewer apps is A full version program for mac, by William Modesitt

Platform: Mac Platform: iPhone

GPS Satellite

GPS Satellite apps is A Free program for Windows‚ by KarhuKoti

Platform: Windows

Coordinates Latitude and Longitude Finder

Coordinates Latitude and Longitude Finder apps is A full version program for mac

Platform: Mac


Geotagger apps is Add geotags to your photos with Google Earth

Platform: Mac