Papaya apps is Share your files, with style

Platform: Mac


XAMPP apps is One-Click Software Stack Installation on Your Computer

Platform: Mac Platform: Windows


iHTTP apps is Install Apache, PHP and MySQL in one go

Platform: Mac


UEditor WYSIWYG HTML Editor apps is UEditor is a free, Open Source HTML text editor designed to simplify website content creation.

Platform: Windows


Simon apps is Monitor websites and servers for changes or failures

Platform: Mac Platform: Java Platform: Symbian


CarotDAV apps is A Free Websites & blogs program for Windows

Platform: Windows

Visual NMP

Visual NMP apps is Visual NMP is a enterprise Nginx&PHP integration environment.

Platform: Windows Server! Server! apps is FTPS/SFTP server, free for personal use

Platform: Windows

Webserver Stress Tool

Webserver Stress Tool apps is Web server performance software

Platform: Windows

HarePoint Thumbnails for SharePoint

HarePoint Thumbnails for SharePoint apps is Preview document and image thumbnails directly in SharePoint document libraries.

Platform: Windows

BitNami WAMPStack

BitNami WAMPStack apps is BitNami WAMPStack Native Installer is an easy-to-install environment to develop and deploy PHP applications.

Platform: Windows

Apache HTTP Server

Apache HTTP Server apps is One of the most popular web servers around

Platform: Windows Platform: Mac

BitNami Tomcat Stack

BitNami Tomcat Stack apps is Install with ease an environment to develop and deploy Java applications

Platform: Windows

Baby Web Server

Baby Web Server apps is Simple web server with interesting functionality

Platform: Windows

BitNami JBoss Stack

BitNami JBoss Stack apps is Easily install an environment to develop and deploy JBoss applications

Platform: Windows

AthTek SmartServ

AthTek SmartServ apps is Easily setup a web testing environment for web app testing or website testing.

Platform: Windows


Microweber apps is Microweber is a free open source CMS that lets users create a website, online shop or blog.

Platform: Windows

Citrix Receiver for Mac

Citrix Receiver for Mac apps is Access Citrix business applications

Platform: Mac

HSLAB Free HTTP Monitor

HSLAB Free HTTP Monitor apps is Real time server for Apache

Platform: Windows


VirtualHostX apps is Host and test websites on your Mac

Platform: Mac