iStumbler apps is Find wireless connections near your Airport base

Platform: Mac

Easy WiFi

Easy WiFi apps is Automate the connection to WiFi hotspots

Platform: Pocket PC

QoS Scanner

QoS Scanner apps is Tool for locating WiFi connection points and creating your own maps

Platform: Pocket PC

Avast Wi-Fi Finder

Avast Wi-Fi Finder apps is Connect to the fastest, most secure Wi-Fi wherever you go.

Platform: Android

Wi-Fi Companion

Wi-Fi Companion apps is An intuitive utility that displays your WiFi connection properties

Platform: Pocket PC

AP Grapher

AP Grapher apps is Search and display wireless networks

Platform: Mac


WiFind apps is Wireless network locator

Platform: Mac

WiFi Monster

WiFi Monster apps is Utility for locating WiFi access points

Platform: Pocket PC

WIFiRadar Pro

WIFiRadar Pro apps is The Wireless swiss-army knfie for your Mac.

Platform: Mac

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard

SoftPerfect WiFi Guard apps is A Free Networking program for Windows

Platform: Windows Platform: Mac

WLAN Optimizer

WLAN Optimizer apps is A free app for Windows, by Martin Majowski

Platform: Windows


NetSpot apps is A Comprehensive Tool to Analyse and Fix Your Wi-Fi

Platform: Windows Platform: Mac

Instabridge Wi-Fi client

Instabridge Wi-Fi client apps is A Free program for Android‚ by Instabridge AB

Platform: Android

WiFi Explorer

WiFi Explorer apps is Troubleshoot WiFi network issues

Platform: Mac

WiFi Auditor

WiFi Auditor apps is Free Software to Test the Security of Wireless Networks

Platform: Mac Platform: Windows


coconutWiFi apps is See instantly if you're in range of a wireless network

Platform: Mac

Secure Wireless

Secure Wireless apps is A free app for Android

Platform: Android


WiFi2Me apps is With WiFi2Me you can easily check or recover your network password

Platform: Mac