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Something you need to know about Adblock Browser

Adblock Browser for iOS and Android is an all in one app: an efficient web browser and a good way to block annoying ads on your mobile. With this app you will not need anything else enjoy the web with ease.

From the developers of Adblock Plus

Adblock Browser is developed by the team behind Adblock Plus, one of the most famous ad-blocking programs.

As a web browser, Adblock Browser has all the expected functions (multiple tabs, favorites) while also consuming fewer resources than some of its rivals.

The reason that it consumes less data than other browsers is because of its main feature, it blocks advertising. Web ads consume data, and by eliminating the ads you use less data and can have a faster browsing experience.

Adverts do not only consume resources, but can sometimes be a hotbed of malware and viruses. Adblock Browser also acts against these, blocking all content that look suspicious.

However, ads are the lifeblood of most websites, which is why Adblock Browser includes several options to control what you filter. So, you can block all online ads or select to which sites you want to screen as you go. Do you want to support your favorite website? Then you can reactivate their ads with a single tap.

Navigating safely

Using Adblock Browser is simple, while still offering a high degree of customization for those who want to tinker with their mobile web-surfing experience.

It would require very specific tests to see if there is any truth to the claim that Adblock Browser consumes less of a phone’s battery than other browsers. What is clear, however, is that it helps navigate more safely, with smoother navigation, and less intrusive advertising.

Regarding its anti-malware functions: they are nice, but if this is a concern then it is always recommended to have a dedicated app for these tasks.

A good blocker, a nice browser

Adblock Browser is a fantastic app to remove advertising from sites you visit on your smartphone. But, although it is an efficient browser, it still struggles to compete with giants like Chrome.

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