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Something you need to know about allSnap Portable

Have you ever wanted to align all the Windows you have open on your desktop Mac OS style?

If so, and this should be standard with Windows in my opinion, allSnap Portable is a small system tray app that makes all top level windows automatically align like they do in programs such as Winamp or Photoshop. Simply double click on the allSnap Portable system tray icon or right click on it and your windows will snap into line.

Once allSnap Portable is up and running, all windows will snap into each other and the desktop while you are re-moving and re-sizing. Alternatively, you can hold down ALT while sizing and moving windows to toggle allSnap Portable on and off if the snapping becomes a bit too annoying (which it can do if you don't particularly want your Windows). You can access the allSnap Portable program settings by clicking on the system tray icon as well.

allSnap Portable is a nice little windows organisation tool that rips of Mac OS a little bit but that's no bad thing in my book.

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