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Something you need to know about Disk Heal

If you've been hit by a serious virus, you might be experiencing various problems with your hard drive even after the virus has been disinfected. Disk Heal recovers hard disk archives that have been infected by a virus or damaged in some way. It can also recover the functionality of programs that are no longer executable, access to corrupted registries and the launching of the Task Administrator.

However, because Disk Heal requires access to all of these areas which are usually restricted, it can seriously conflict with your antivirus software. It's therefore very important that you either disable any anti virus software you are running or, grant permissions to disk heal to allow it full access to your system.

You should also be very careful when allowing Disk Heal to make changes to the registry. Many security programs flag Disk Heal as a potential threat because it can make fundamental changes to your registry which can render your system useless. It's therefore essential that you make a backup of your registry before using Disk Heal.

If you have been affected by a virus and suffered hard drive damage as a result, Disk Heal may well help you, but be sure to back up your system before using it.

Disk Heal is a free useful tool that performs many useful functions mainly fixing disk errors which occur after a virus. It also performs various other tweaks as well.

If you can't open your drive just by clicking it or are getting error messages like "Could not find x" or an "Open With ?" dialog, then Disk Heal can fix such problems in just one click. I f you've got rid of the virus, but are still suffering from the aftermath, Disk Heal is the perfect solution.

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