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Something you need to know about eMule

The eMule program allows Mac users to share files with each other. The system works by creating a location where the files are shared and numerous people may upload at the same time. The benefit is that the users sharing may receive faster downloads. The more popular a file is, then the quicker and more efficiently it is shared.

Emule now accepts torrents

Some people have a program that allows them to share files using torrents. This system has its own way of sharing files, and it will accept torrents, meaning eMule users have an advantage over people that just have Bittorrent or Utorrent because Mac users may also share in more than one way. The program itself is very easy to download and use. The program is being updated fairly frequently, which is why the auto-update feature is rather handy. The quick-search function is a great timesaver, and the eMule servers seem to have improved over the years.

Conclusion - A good option for Mac downloaders

It is fair to say that Mac users get the rough end of the stick when it comes to P2P sharing options. This system allows Mac users to transfer and share files via the e-mule method and with torrents. The interface is simple enough so that most novice sharers can understand it, and configuring via the preferences options is easy enough.

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