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Something you need to know about Equalizer

Most of us have utilised online widgets such as Google Calculator in the past. However the majority of these systems embraced a point-and-click framework. This could be frustrating when many integers need to be entered and calculated. A package known as Equalizer has taken the guesswork out of this 'equation' by providing a more traditional means of manipulating numbers.

Functions Features and Purposes

Equalizer will require the user to input numbers and symbols directly from a keyboard a welcome change for more complex calculations. Another interesting feature of this program is that it has the capability to draw graphs. This is useful when performing algebraic tasks or when dealing with geometric figures. A very simplistic layout is suited for children who may be learning maths and thanks to its small size the widget will not take up much screen space.

Customisation Possibilities and File Size

The user is able to modify the appearance of Equalizer by choosing numerous eye-catching skins. Digital readouts futuristic patterns and even ledger paper are a few possibilities. All of these can be selected with the click of a button. This software is absolutely free and at a mere 127 kilobytes there are no issues in regards to memory allocation.

Instead of the traditional look of many buttons, Equalizer has a simple text line on which you can write the expression in the same way you'd write it on paper (for example: typing "(6*5-12) / 2" will show the answer "9").

Equalizer can also draw graphs of equations. In addition, Equalizer is fully skinable - you can completely change its appearance, and even create your own skins.

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