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Something you need to know about Euro Truck Simulator

Euro Truck Simulator is exactly what is says it is - a truck driving simulator that lets you make deliveries all over the continent of Europe, through a network of highways.

Realistic graphics

This driving simulator puts you behind the wheel of a powerful truck and entrusts you with several different missions. Euro Truck Simulator's activities consist on taking cargo from one place to another and getting paid for the delivery. Saving enough money you will eventually be able to buy better and faster trucks to be able to work more and earn more money.

The main idea in Euro Truck Simulator is quite original. We're used to car, motorbike and even airplane driving simulators, but not many focused on trucks. The game features excellent, highly realistic graphics and gives you a real taste of life on the road as a truck driver. However, the steering is extremely sensitive to the slightest touch and there doesn't seem to be anyway to change this.

Boring gameplay

The major problem however is that Euro Truck Simulator becomes a boring game quite easily. Whether it is the repetitive sound of the engine, the slowness of driving a truck or the lack of real action, the game definitely lacks excitement. Maybe if you could play your own music on the truck's radio, or get into some more action by delivering illegal stuff and occasionally being chased by the cops, Euro Truck Simulator would be more exciting.

Euro Truck Simulator is also extremely similar to German Truck Simulator and UK Truck Simulator on Windows.

Euro Truck Simulator is a pretty original game, with excellent graphics but it gets boring quite easily.

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