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Something you need to know about F18 Carrier Landing

F18 Carrier Landing tests your skills landing an F18 on an aircraft carrier. With only 500 feet (150 meters) of runway to land and stop your jet on, it's an incredibly hard game that requires careful use of afterburner and throttle.

Lots of jets to choose from

You can choose from F/A-18 Hornet, F-14 Tomcat, C-2A Greyhound and A-6 Intruder, all of which handle in a slightly different way. To improve your technique, you can watch a 30-second replay of your landings and even use your mobile device as a remote control. In F18 Carrier Landing you must progress through your carrier, learning to perform patrols and photo reconnaissance and perform flight refueling in your quest to be Top Gun.

Different landing scenarios and conditions

F18 Carrier Landing puts you inside 3D virtual cockpits where amongst the many challenges are In-Flight Refueing and 12 missions, all with a slightly different landing scenario. However, the landings are always on aircraft carriers - it would be nice to see other places such as airbases added in future updates. One of the most entertaining things about F18 Carrier Landing is watching the multi-camera replays of your landings. This not only helps you improve your technique, but also looks great although unfortunately you can't save them.

Superb high quality graphics

Probably the most impressive aspect to F18 Carrier Landing is the excellent graphics and sound which befit a game with a much higher budget. F18 Carrier Landing provides a highly realistic experience right down to the Head Up Display, weather conditions and realistic sound of the after burners.

A great game - despite the lack of combat

F18 Carrier Landing is an impressive game that will appeal all wannabe fighter pilots and those that fancy themselves as a Top Gun. The only thing that could improve it is it there were real combat missions and weapons.

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People Says About F18 Carrier Landing

Anonymous 20 February, 2015

Aircraft response iway too sensitive, need carrier heading at start of game. Having spent a few hours on the simulator I realize I did not see the sound option and also the AOA. That said I have to revise my original review. 1. The roll response is way too sensitive no matter what the setting. When you put a lateral input inertia slows down the aircraft's roll response. This is way to sensitive. 2. Similarly the azimuth (aircraft heading) is also extremely sensitive. 3. Altitude similarly jumps around way too quickly. I could track 3 degrees nose down and the aircraft continues to climb for 15 seconds. 4. For a dual engine jet aircraft the engine setting with gear and flaps down the engines should be much higher. Also for many of the aircraft the speed brakes are out while landing to keep the engine setting higher so it responds quickly. Engine response in the two I tried was way too slow. 5. Speed brakes, when actuated go out and stay out until retracted. 6 Why no hook? 7. The AOA indicators should be on the HUD on the left side (because the landing aid on the carrier is on the left side of the glide slope) centered about the horizon line and be avout 4 times as large. 8. The actual term for take off and landing is "CLEARED to takeoff/land." 9. The heading of the carrier should be given at the start of the game. This is done in actual operations. Certainly this is an exercise in eye-hand coordination but the pilot should know in which direction the carrier is heading in order to orient him/herslf in the correct direction. By hiding the carrier in haze until the last moment and not giving the ship's heading you are rigging the game against the player as they have to make gross changes as they get close. Sunnary: The designers of the program spent a lot of time on the visuals but there needs to be much more work on the actual flight dynamics if this is to be a simulator which reflects real carrier aircraft. Rich Gibson

Anonymous 1 May, 2014

good game. very good play so that i like to play this game but was think if it is possible improve about navegation sistem like vor/ils