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Something you need to know about FLVPlay

FLVPlay is an AIR-based software app that provides you with a whole new interface from which to browse and view Youtube videos, plus saving them to your hard drive.

So what's the point of having a different Youtube interface? First, you can now watch online videos without a web browser, which makes it lighter on resources.Second, FLVPlay features a much nicer design and therefore makes the whole user experience much better, and finally you get access to some extra features like the ability to show more thumbnails than the original website or, more important, the possibility to save videos right to your hard drive in FLV format.

But FLVPlay is not all advantages. On the downside, it seemed to be a bit slower than Youtube when loading videos, especially after watching the first one.This first video loads in a snap but then the program takes a while to change to the next one. FLVPlay is an attractive AIR Youtube player that may be a bit slow at times, but which also lets you save videos in FLV format to your hard drive.

FLVPlay is a free application providing functionality to search and view YouTube's video collection, as well as download video assets to the desktop and mobile devices instantly.

This is the official website of the FLVPlay project. You will find here support and project roadmap sections soon. In order to install the application, your machine needs to run Adobe AIR 1.

0, which is going to be installed prior to application installation, when you hit the "Install Now" button. FLVPlay is a clean software, does not contain adware, spyware or any other bundled applications.

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