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The iPhone is a great device, no doubt about it: but it's got a closed file management system that ties you to iTunes - that is, until now.

Now you can use iFunBox, a powerful file manager for iPhone and iPod Touch that enables you to browse the contents of your Apple device as if it was just one more removable drive attached to the computer. What's more, it doesn't require any special hack.

All you have to do is plug your iPhone or iPod Touch to the PC and launch the program – no installation required. iFunBox will immediately read the contents of the device and display it in a double-pane interface, with the folder structure on the left side and the date stored in the selected folder on the right side.

With iFunBox you can easily transfer files between the iPhone or iPod and the computer, take advantage of the device's storage and use it as a portable USB disk, and make backup copies of all your music and video files. iFunBox also lets you convert and upload any image to the iPhone as wallpaper, but unfortunately this function requires jailbreak.

iFunBox lets you make the most of your iPhone or iPod Touch by providing you with a full featured file browser that helps transfer data between your Apple device and your computer.

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People Says About iFunBox

Anonymous 20 January, 2014

not content anymore.. I used to like it very much and it worked great at first but now it doesnt install my tomtom upgrade, it stops at 57.5% and than gives an error after a while.

Anonymous 20 August, 2013

its solved my problems its a great free app. its solved my problems its a great free app i waned to transfer my voice note to my computer and this software helped me doing so in no time Pros: easy to use (user experience) its free Cons: need to improve on interface

Anonymous 22 June, 2013

i can't downloaded to my apple computer. i can't downloaded to my apple computer it says that it doesn't support it Pros: fixed it

Anonymous 21 June, 2013

stupid. it doesnt work for mac os 10.5.8 :( VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pros: nothing i couldnt download it Cons: make it for mac os 10.5.8 make it for mac os 10.5.8 so i can download it

Anonymous 21 June, 2012

The MAC version is useless!. All I wanted was to transfer an app from my 3rd gen ipod touch, to my new iPad 3 (ios 5.1.1), using my Macbook (osx 10.6.8). But this software is totally pro-windows. The user interface is completely different for the MAC version, and it doesn't even have a "User Application" folder, like the Windows version. I'm sure there's another path, but I have no idea what it is, and their website isn't any help. All of their tutorials are for the Windows versions.  Pros: I have no idea. I couldn't get it to work. Cons: 1. No support for the MAC version. 2. No step by step guides = difficult to figure out.

Anonymous 2 January, 2012

Perfect for new users!. Being a new Apple Developer, I needed a fast program that would work fast and has a easy User Interface. iFunBox has all this and more! It is one of the better (if not the best) program to break down the iPod©/iPhone©/iPad©'s internal structure and look. The only downside to the program is the lack of explanation for the error codes. Overall, iFunBox is a really good program for up-and-coming Apple© developers. Pros: Good UI; Easy to use; Fast deployment to iPod©/iPhone©/iPad© Cons: Lack of error explanation