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Something you need to know about Inbox

Many of us regularly use multiple email accounts. One may be for business purposes while another could be associated with personal correspondences. Accessing these on an individual basis can be difficult and there are also security issues involved with signing in and out of different servers. An application simply known as Inbox. is intended to bridge the gaps between multiple accounts and streamline the entire process.

Features, Applications and Unique Functions

The intention of this free software is to enable recognized users to quickly swap between different email accounts such as Yahoo, Gmail and Outlook. Although rather simplistic in nature, the fact of the matter is that this system is perfect for the user who does not have time to fumble between different web pages on a regular basis. Within a single click, numerous accounts can be accessed from a secure connection.

One-Touch Functionality

As opposed to having to manually enter in details such as passwords and usernames, Inbox. allows users to simply touch a relevant icon (such as Gmail) and immediately access their account. This is also a great function when multiple messages need to be sent from more than one portal. This application is currently available for personal computers as well as mobile devices.

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