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Something you need to know about Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2 is the second in the series of isometric indie puzzle games. Players are tasked with solving more perception-bending puzzles with the help of the nameless mother and daughter.

World of change

After the success of the first game, Monument Valley 2 was a surprise announcement for Apple's 2017 line-up. The game continues in much the same way as its predecessor with a few new gameplay mechanics. Players are challenged by a series of distinct levels with unique solutions. Guide the two characters across ladders, paths and shifting scenery to find a safe passage to the next challenge. The game shines thanks to its ingenious level design, simple but haunting soundtrack and clever world building. With a feeling of minimalist calmness, Monument Valley 2 tells a sparse story devoid of dialogue. Despite a lack of trial options and a fairly high price tag, this impressive sequel is a great pick up for both fans of the first game and clever puzzle games alike.

Mobile gem

Monument Valley 2 is one of those rare mobile titles which manages to create an emotional experience within the restricted medium. The puzzles are clever but never frustrating, the world engaging but simple and the characters open to interpretation. While the game is more expensive than similar titles, it is worth the money.

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