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Something you need to know about Neptune Flux PS VR PS4

Neptune Flux is a VR undersea exploration game in which you explore a vast undersea environment. As Sarah, the captain of a single-person submersible, you'll complete missions and earn money to upgrade your sub while discovering more of the game's dystopian story.

A dark future, metaphorically and literally

In Neptune Flux, the surface of the earth is rapidly becoming inhospitable, and humans are colonising the ocean. Your job is to explore the ocean floor and carry out a series of missions for your bosses at A.Q.U.A, the company that leads humanity's exodus to the deep. The undersea environments are dark and murky, and it's easy to get lost, so you'll need to be alert. As you complete your missions, you'll be able to upgrade your sub with new equipment that improves its speed, sensors and more. The full story of this game unfolds over a length of about two hours.

Good and bad challenges

Neptune Flux presents a compelling concept with its open-world exploration, but progress can be frustrating, especially in the early game when your sub is slow. If you're willing to be patient and don't mind slightly repetitive missions, it can be worth checking out.

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