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Something you need to know about PC Speed Up

PC Speed Up is a tool to optimize your PC

PC Speed Up will scan your PC and search for settings, processes and files that are slowing down your performance before it uses number of effective tools to optimize your computer. Using one-click PC Speed Up will make your network settings, hard disc,system settings and memory optimized and will improve the overall performance. Fast and easy to use PC Speed Up will clean your PC and will make it run faster.

We have 2 unique features that are not found in other PC optimization products:

Startup optimization - program monitors Windows startup sequence, including time it takes to load various programs, resource allocation of loaded programs and its usefulnes.

Background application optimization - program monitors applications that are using Windows services when the application is not running. These Windows services consume PC resources even if their primary program is not running.

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People Says About PC Speed Up

Anonymous 2 October, 2015

yes i can summarize me in one sentence. in a pc computer speed is very important with out speed computer is nothing Pros: i like to make web on computer i like to make software in computer i like to make games on computer Cons: only the speed of computer i am missing my hacking sofyware

Anonymous 4 May, 2015

Substandard Performance . I downloaded this software on my wife’s system to boost up its speed, but get negative results. It get crashes after every 15 minutes. Worst experience Pros: Nothing as such Cons: Full of faults

Anonymous 23 February, 2014

Effective application that has improved the performance of my ageing PC. Effective application that has improved the performance of my ageing PC. Well worth a small investment to remove all of the junk. Pros: Removal of all the junk files Delayed start of some App's Cons: Not all of the junk files were removed although a large majority were

Anonymous 2 February, 2014

Excellent performance and value. I am always wary about downloading software from sites unknown to me. But having done so and then later subscribing have been delighted with the improved performance of my PC.

Anonymous 27 January, 2014

Excellent value tool to have at your disposal and easy to use too.. Excellent tool to have available. What I like most is that it is very easy to use. It is also very quick. Scans take very little time and the fixes are done in a matter of seconds. It also offers flexibility as you can choose length of start up delays on different programmes that run in the background. Competitively priced, I would recommend this to anyone. Pros: Ease of use and very quick results Cons: Meets all my needs

Anonymous 26 January, 2014

Excellent, and well worth the very reasonable price.. Although I haven't been using it long enough to fully appreciate its benefits, I have generally found that PC Speed Up has eliminated all of the problems I'd been having with my PC and has improved my PC's performance tremendously.