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Something you need to know about Pink Neon Emoji Keyboard Theme

From the Emoji Keybord collection, this funky neon theme is bursting with new emoticons, emojis and symbols to brighten up your messages, along with an innovative new keyboard design to streamline your typing time.

The Emoji Keyboard comes packaged with more than 3000 new emoticons and emojis to personalize your messages, texts, chats and more. Perfect for brightening up a special thank you message, birthday wish or seasons greetings, this Emoji Keyboard theme is an absolute must for everyone.

You'll be able to create unique messages to dazzle friends, with predictive texting that'll anticipate your favourite emoticons and symbols, saving you seconds browsing through your icon folders.

It's quicker than ever to type with the Pink Neon Emoji Keyboard Theme, thanks to a well thought out and expertly laid out interface that lets you reach the most commonly used letters and numbers with ease. Enjoy error free messages every time you type, and say goodbye to embarrassing auto corrects that take your messages way off track.

You'll love the high contrast neon theme, perfect for breathing new life into your phone at a fraction of the cost of more expensive updates. Once you've downloaded the Emoji Keyboard launcher, you can mix and match from hundreds of free themes, all expertly created to spice up your texts, emails and chats.

With more than 30 individual dictionaries pre-loaded into this keyboard, you can type away with confidence in many leading languages. The smarter way to send your messages, you'll be amazed at just how much time and effort you'll save with this theme and keyboard configuration.

This app theme lets you customize your phone down to the letter. Play around with text sizes and layouts for an easier configuration that's tailored to you and the way your type, or play around with sound effects to shut down annoying pings and alerts. Not keen on the neon pink? you can change the colour accents of your keyboard, fonts and wallpaper image for a personalized finish like no other.

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  • Pink Neon Emoji Keyboard Theme
  • Pink Neon Emoji Keyboard Theme
  • Pink Neon Emoji Keyboard Theme
  • Pink Neon Emoji Keyboard Theme
  • Pink Neon Emoji Keyboard Theme
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