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File hosting sites are a handy tool to share files, especially if they're of considerable size. But browsing those pages is also a pain: banners and ads everywhere, queues, waiting times...

Luckily you can now use RDesc to manage all your downloads from popular websites such as RapidShare, MegaUpload, MediaFire or DepositFiles. All you need to do is import the download links to RDesc and the program will take care of it while you focus on something else.

RDesc can monitor the Windows Clipboard for download links, and also scan a given webpage in search of relevant links. Either way, RDesc creates a download queue and controls the whole process from start to end: begin the download, manage the download and save the file into the selected folder.

RDesc works great and is fairly easy to use. I especially liked its support for scheduled tasks, as well as the ability to switch the computer off when all downloads are finished. A little more documentation wouldn't hurt the program though.

Tired of browsing hosting sites to download files? Try RDesc and make those sites much more useful and user-friendly.

Fixes problems with some servers and other bugs


Fixes problems with some servers and other bugs

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Anonymous 11 May, 2011

The best software for downloading from file hosting sites. It has all the options you need to manage downloads from sites such as rapidshare or megaupload.No compatibility problems whatsoever unlike free download manager.A great link collector that permits you to grab as much links as you want.Great task schedulling.No bugs.Light and not too demanding in terms of ram or cpu ressources.Easy to use.

Anonymous 17 August, 2010

I don't like it. jdownloader it's better... try it and compare their functions