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Something you need to know about Save to Pocket

Like a bottomless pocket in which you can put all kinds of web-based content, Save to Pocket is designed for people who surf a great deal but don't necessarily have time to read or view the content they are looking at right now. A sort of 'save it for later' app, Save to Pocket helps to get your online media content fully organised.

Note to Self

If you are in the habit of emailing yourself links to web pages so that you can access them at another time, then this free app is for you. Essentially, it sits in your web browser and allows you to save anything you might later want to access or share. You can set any page on the web to read later with just a single click of the mouse. Later on, you can read or view anything that you have already saved on your phone, PC or tablet by simply accessing the pocket add-on. What's more, it is all displayed on a clutter-free and easy-to-view screen layout. Save to Pocket offers a reading platform which is free from distractions and that is easily customised to meet your particular reading preferences. There are even personalised recommendations that the app will make for you based on what you have saved to it before!

Worth Saving?

This plug-in app is ideal for anyone who save recipes, stories, news articles and work-related content to access later. Put everything you might need down the line in one place and never lose that crucial content again.

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