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Something you need to know about Stardoll

Stardoll is a free social fashion game. Collect thousands of items of clothing, design an apartment and chat with other players.

Dress up

Stardoll is a fairly straightforward fashion dress-up style game. Players design an avatar and then collect accessories and clothes, changing their appearance. A separate apartment can be changed with furniture and colour schemes while a chat system allows for players to talk. Players can also design their own clothes and items, selling them to other users for in-game currency or submitting them to in-game contests. Stardoll is heavily aimed towards the young child/tween audience, with those outside of this market finding little of interest. The game itself is quite limited in terms of actual gameplay, mainly operating as a broad social interaction simulator with a custom avatar. While the download is free, a large amount of content and items are behind a paywall. Younger players should be advised against purchasing items without permission, as costs could become high quickly with everything on offer. Despite limited content and lack of things to do, this free download should entertain children for a short time.

Fashion time

Stardoll is a bare-bones fashion game. Dressing and changing looks is the only real action in the game. This may be interesting for the very young, but perhaps not for long.

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