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Something you need to know about Super Ruler

Whether you're an engineer, a student, or a builder, we all need to to take measurements from time-to-time. Now you don't need to carry a ruler or measuring instrument around with you thanks to Super Ruler.

Not only does Super Ruler contain a basic ruler, but you also get a series of other tools, including a protractor and a utility for remote measurement. The basic ruler is clear and easy to read, with units displayed in both centimeters and inches. You can configure screen size settings in the 'Options' menu, though Super Ruler should auto-detect this. The ruler only goes up to about 6.5cm, but you can increase the length by selecting the diagonal icon from the menu. This flips the ruler so runs along the diagonal of your device, taking the length over 8cm.

The protractor tool in Super Ruler is also very clear and easy to use. You can use your Pocket PC's stylus to mark positions in order to dynamically measure angles. Just as in normal ruler mode, there is an option for viewing the protractor at full screen, and you can toggle this on and off using any hardware button.

Perhaps the most interesting element of Super Ruler is its distance and height-measuring capabilities. This allows you to calculate the height of a person or object based on the distance they are away from you and vice versa.

Unfortunately, many of the most interesting tools are disabled in this trial version. However, it's still worth checking out Super Ruler if you need to take measurements on a regular basis.

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