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Something you need to know about The Longest 5 Minutes

The Longest 5 Minutes is a classic RPG game that comes with an interesting twist. Players go on a quest to find the evil Overlord and ultimately defeat him while trying to get to the bottom of an intricate and very engaging back story.

Dealing with Memory Loss

players take on the role of Flash, who is charged with saving a kingdom after he becomes the designated Hero of Souvenir. The only problem is, the hero’s memory is mysteriously wiped and although he has the skills he needs to save the day, he can no longer remember what he needs to do. As players explore the colourful and detailed realm the memories return in a series of flashbacks that help add important details to the story.

Putting the Pieces Together

anyone who has a love for retro style gaming and is looking for a new adventure is sure to have a lot of fun playing The Longest 5 Minutes. The way the story unfolds is very interesting and helps to add a new dimension to the game, while there is plenty of variety in the game play as well as a large collection of cool and quirky characters to interact with and occasionally do battle with.

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