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Something you need to know about uBlock

uBlock (µBlock) is an extension that blocks annoying aspects of any web page, including ads. The result is quicker and safer browsing, lower memory use and no ad windows popping up every time you click. By the way: it's completely free, forever.

Block anything that annoys you

uBlock doesn't only get rid of ads, it also lets you hide annoying parts of websites you visit and elements that interfere with high-quality browsing, or that threaten privacy. The philosophy of uBlock is simple: block the worst bits of the web so browsing is better and safer.

To block ads, cookies and other elements of questionable use, uBlock uses several public blacklists, such as EasyList, Spam404 and Peter Lowe's famous list, but it also allows you to filter and create custom rules. The number of blocked elements is shown on the uBlock icon.

In uBlock options, you can turn blacklists on or off, modify the white list of permitted sites and set up filters. In most cases, going to these screens isn't required: uBlock works at full capacity as soon as you install it.

Turn it on or off with a click

Simply install uBlock and you'll see a new icon on your browser's button bar. If uBlock is activated for the site you're visiting, the icon will go from gray to bright red, and a number will appear on the icon if annoying elements are found and blocked.

To turn uBlock on or off, all you need to do is click on the button and press the 'off' button on the window that pops up. This window also reports on the percentage of blocks and the total number of blocks since you installed the extension.

Evidence published by the author of the extension, shows that uBlock helps Chrome and Firefox use less memory and processor power than other ad blockers such as AdGuard, AdBlock or ABP. Sometimes performance is even better with uBlock than without a blocker.

Is it better than AdBlock? Yes

Comparing both extensions is inevitable, as is the verdict: in all respects, uBlock is a more effective extension than AdBlock Plus. Independent from the big powers of the web, fast and configurable, uBlock makes browsing a pleasurable experience again.

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