PocketDivXEncoder apps is Convert your video files to be viewable on your Pocket PC

Platform: Windows Platform: Pocket PC Platform: Palm OS

Free Bluetooth Dialer

Free Bluetooth Dialer apps is Dial contacts' numbers immediately via your mobile

Platform: Pocket PC

Concise Oxford English Dictionary

Concise Oxford English Dictionary apps is An Oxford English dictionary with over 240,000 words and definitions

Platform: Symbian Platform: Palm OS Platform: Pocket PC

SPB Pocket Plus

SPB Pocket Plus apps is Add many new functions to your Pocket PC

Platform: Pocket PC


WinamPAQ apps is An excellent version of Winamp for your Pocket PC

Platform: Pocket PC

Global Navigator

Global Navigator apps is GPS navigation software for your PDA

Platform: Pocket PC

Windows Mobile 7 Theme

Windows Mobile 7 Theme apps is Get the Windows Phone 7 look on your Pocket PC

Platform: Pocket PC

Hacker Evolution

Hacker Evolution apps is Become a govern agent and fight against hackers

Platform: Windows Platform: Pocket PC

SBSH PocketWeather

SBSH PocketWeather apps is Get weather reports directly on your Today screen!

Platform: Pocket PC


PocketMusic apps is Multi-functional music player for Pocket PC

Platform: Pocket PC

XnView Pocket

XnView Pocket apps is The popular image viewer now free on your Pocket PC!

Platform: Pocket PC

Pocket Islam

Pocket Islam apps is Book of prayers and calendars for followers of Islam

Platform: Pocket PC


GSPlayer apps is Free player for MP3, WAV, OGG, and other formats

Platform: Pocket PC