WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web apps is WhatsApp wings its way to the web for free

Platform: Web Apps


SpiderOak apps is Free online backup, storage and sharing solution

Platform: Windows Platform: Android Platform: Mac


GoodSync apps is Synchronize information between PCs easily

Platform: Windows


Boxcryptor apps is Easy encryption for Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and more

Platform: Windows Platform: Mac


Nomadesk apps is Professional File Sharing and Synchronization Software for Businesses

Platform: Windows Platform: Mac

Google Allo

Google Allo apps is It's finally here: mobile messaging from Google

Platform: Android Platform: iPhone


Threema apps is Swiss-made messenger with end-to-end encryption

Platform: Android Platform: iPhone


Briar apps is Free peer-to-peer private messaging app

Platform: Android

Steganos Privacy Suite

Steganos Privacy Suite apps is Comprehensive security suite to ensure your privacy

Platform: Windows