WinSent Messenger

WinSent Messenger apps is "Net send" compatible LAN messenger

Platform: Windows

CommuniCrypt Mail

CommuniCrypt Mail apps is Secure realtime communication over a LAN

Platform: Windows

Winsent Innocenti

Winsent Innocenti apps is "Net Send" compatible LAN notification client

Platform: Windows

Outlook LAN Messenger

Outlook LAN Messenger apps is Instant Messaging Software for Office

Platform: Windows


TeamTalk apps is Chat with text or voice, on a LAN or the Internet

Platform: Windows

SSuite IM Video Chat

SSuite IM Video Chat apps is Instant LAN IM chatting with multiple video capabilities.

Platform: Windows

Softros LAN messenger

Softros LAN messenger apps is Send individual and group messages over Wi-Fi network.

Platform: Android

SSuite FaceCom Portal

SSuite FaceCom Portal apps is An instant P2P video phone for chatting on LAN, Wi-Fi, and Internet networks.

Platform: Windows

SSuite Snappy IM

SSuite Snappy IM apps is Server-less IM Video chatting on any LAN or Wi-Fi network.

Platform: Windows

Softros LAN Messenger

Softros LAN Messenger apps is Exchange messages and files securely within your local network

Platform: Windows