Memoriad Simulator

Memoriad Simulator apps is How much information can you memorize in a minute?

Platform: Windows

Memorize it!

Memorize it! apps is A Free program for Windows‚ by theLanguageApp

Platform: Windows


CueCard apps is Make up cards for what you want to memorize

Platform: Windows

Speech Trainer

Speech Trainer apps is Practice your speech in a virtual auditorium

Platform: Windows

Amigos Spanish Puzzles

Amigos Spanish Puzzles apps is Games to memorize words in Spanish

Platform: Windows

quick Memorizer

quick Memorizer apps is quick Memorizer – memorize any text 2-4 times faster

Platform: Windows

World Continents With Capitals

World Continents With Capitals apps is Play this fun and educational game which allows you to memorize all capitals of the world!

Platform: Android

Memorize texts, lyrics, poems

Memorize texts, lyrics, poems apps is A full version program for iphone

Platform: iPhone


jMemorize apps is Memorize all kinds of data in a funnier, more effective way

Platform: Windows

Memorize the Holy Quran (Full)

Memorize the Holy Quran (Full) apps is A full version program for iphone

Platform: iPhone


Memrise apps is Learn languages in small doses and without realizing it

Platform: Android Platform: iPhone


AnkiApp apps is A free game for Mac‚ by Admium Corp.

Platform: Mac