NameWiz apps is Rename multiple files with minimum effort

Platform: Windows


DeformerPro apps is Easy warping effects for your photos

Platform: Windows


VirusTotal apps is A powerful, free online virus scanner

Platform: Web Apps


Repix apps is Repix is more than a photo editor. It’s a creative tool that lets you turn ordinary photos into masterpieces.

Platform: iPhone Platform: Android

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts apps is Get food nutrition facts on over 7,000 items!

Platform: Windows


vReveal apps is Excellent, easy-to-use tool to enhance and optimize videos

Platform: Windows


B/Works apps is Create art pieces from your photos

Platform: Windows

Photo/Graphic Edges

Photo/Graphic Edges apps is Add gorgeous frames and border effects to your photos

Platform: Windows Platform: Mac

RIOT Portable

RIOT Portable apps is Reduce photo size without losing image quality

Platform: Windows

Free Disk Usage Analyzer

Free Disk Usage Analyzer apps is Search and destroy hard drive hogging files

Platform: Windows