Russian Spanish Translator

Russian Spanish Translator apps is Translate text, word or sentence from Russian to Spanish or from Spanish to Russian language.

Platform: Android

LingvoSoft Spanish-Russian PhraseBook 2006

LingvoSoft Spanish-Russian PhraseBook 2006 apps is Bidirectional Spanish-Russian vocabulary translator

Platform: Pocket PC

Hello-Hello Learn Languages

Hello-Hello Learn Languages apps is Learn Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Hungarian, Indonesian and Hindi in a single app.

Platform: Android

Keepinhead Flashcards Mobile

Keepinhead Flashcards Mobile apps is Study flashcards. Spanish, Russian, German, French, Korean, SAT, GRE and more!

Platform: Java

Mundial de los Animales

Mundial de los Animales apps is This program will help your child learn the names of animals in English, French, Italian, Germany, Spanish or Russian, and find out what sounds they(cat,dog,horse,fox,cow,wolf and many more) make.

Platform: Android apps is A Free program for Android‚ by

Platform: Android Platform: iPhone