SMSzipper apps is Save on text messages by writing up to 480 characters in each one

Platform: Java


Textsoap apps is Clean up text errors automatically

Platform: Mac Platform: Windows


LaFonte apps is Use this utility to create 3D text and save it to a 3D file

Platform: Windows


WirelessKeyView apps is Save and store your WAP and WEP Wifi passwords

Platform: Windows

Panopreter 32-bit

Panopreter 32-bit apps is Read text aloud and save the spoken speech as mp3 and wav audio files.

Platform: Windows

Free OCR to Word

Free OCR to Word apps is Extract text from images

Platform: Windows

PicLab - Photo Editor

PicLab - Photo Editor apps is Easy and effortless image editing

Platform: Android Platform: iPhone


PrintFolders apps is Save a list of files and folders into a plain-text (TXT) or HTML file

Platform: Windows

Perfect Keyboard

Perfect Keyboard apps is Save time with this text replacement and macro program. It supports hot-keys, text shortcuts and auto-complete.

Platform: Windows


Dropzone apps is A smarter way to transfer and move your files

Platform: Mac

ScrapBook Plug-in for Firefox

ScrapBook Plug-in for Firefox apps is Save and manage text snippets, notes and more

Platform: Windows

Save the Cheshire Cat

Save the Cheshire Cat apps is Comedy text adventure about a missing cat: can you find the feline before it's turned into a fur coat?

Platform: Windows

Evernote Scannable

Evernote Scannable apps is Scanning has never been so easy

Platform: iPhone

DJ Java Decompiler

DJ Java Decompiler apps is Free Software for Java Users

Platform: Windows


Ascgen apps is Create ASCII artwork with your favorite photos

Platform: Windows

Editable Word

Editable Word apps is Free and Efficient text Editing Software for Personal Computers

Platform: Windows