Scare Your Friends - SHOCK!

Scare Your Friends - SHOCK! apps is A Free Action game for Android

Platform: Android

Scary Camera

Scary Camera apps is ¿Ready to scare your friends? With this App, your friends are going to be really scared.

Platform: Android

Scary Sounds

Scary Sounds apps is Get Scary Sounds and scare your friends and family with creepy sounds and scary sound effects.

Platform: Android

Tank Noise — War Pranking

Tank Noise — War Pranking apps is Scare and shock your friends with the sound prank app Tank Noise — War Pranking!

Platform: Java

Creepy Sonidos sonido colecció

Creepy Sonidos sonido colecció apps is Creepy and scary sounds are guaranteed to scare your family and friends.

Platform: Android

Scare Your Friends TACTICS

Scare Your Friends TACTICS apps is Scare or surprise your friends with your OWN SCARY SOUNDS AND PICTURES!

Platform: Android


Add/Remove apps is Scare your friends by making them think their software is being removed

Platform: Windows

Colección Eerie sonido ambient

Colección Eerie sonido ambient apps is If your friends get scared with some frightening sounds, or just can’t handle weird ambience then download eerie ambient sounds app on your android device and scare them.

Platform: Android

Horn Attack

Horn Attack apps is Three different air horns to scare your friends

Platform: Symbian

Vampire Scream - Nightmare Pranker

Vampire Scream - Nightmare Pranker apps is Scare and shock your friends with the sound prank app Vampire Scream — Nightmare Pranker!

Platform: Java

Hacking Prank

Hacking Prank apps is Fool your friends! Scare them by making them believe the phone has been hacked! Most realistic fake phone hacking app

Platform: Android