My Clippings

My Clippings apps is Access, export, convert and share Kindle highlights and notes in personal documents on your computer.

Platform: Windows

My Language Notebook

My Language Notebook apps is Organize and record your language learning

Platform: Windows

Nimbus Note

Nimbus Note apps is Create notes with document or photo attachments, build to-do lists and synchronize them with your Nimbus Note

Platform: Windows


StickyNote apps is Colorful notes on your desktop to help you remember everything

Platform: Windows


Stickies apps is Digital sticky notes on your desktop

Platform: Windows

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) apps is Official text and voice chat client for BlackBerry devices

Platform: BlackBerry


PushBullet apps is A Simple App that Makes Managing Notifications Across Devices Easy

Platform: Windows Platform: Android Platform: iPhone

Google Keep

Google Keep apps is Handy All-in-One Memo Application for Smartphones

Platform: Windows Platform: Android Platform: PWA