EVE Online

EVE Online apps is A space MMO that's a universe to itself

Platform: Windows

Prison Life

Prison Life apps is A jail-themed multiplayer puzzle fun

Platform: Windows


OGame apps is Conquer space against hundreds of other players

Platform: Windows

Galaxy Feud

Galaxy Feud apps is Battle against friends online in epic battles in space.

Platform: iPhone

Epic Ball Game: Space Soccer

Epic Ball Game: Space Soccer apps is The game claims to be the air hockey genre revival: new controls, fresh gameplay and online combats over the Internet.

Platform: Android

Planetside 2

Planetside 2 apps is Huge online multiplayer battles

Platform: Windows Platform: Mac

Hostile Space

Hostile Space apps is Free-to-play online space adventure game for personal computers

Platform: Web Apps

Spaceship Quest - Win a Battle

Spaceship Quest - Win a Battle apps is The online battle space game Spaceship Quest - Win a Battle: a galactic war has begun!

Platform: Java

Vendetta Online HD - Space MMO

Vendetta Online HD - Space MMO apps is A full version role playing app for Android, by Guild Software Inc

Platform: Android

Space Settlers

Space Settlers apps is The free online Sci Fi RTS game enables players to rebuild and drive the chariots, launch attacks and occupy planets.

Platform: iPhone

Orion Alpha Wars

Orion Alpha Wars apps is Like Space Invaders without weapons!

Platform: iPhone

Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online apps is A free to play Star Trek MMORPG

Platform: Windows Platform: Mac


Starmade apps is A free clone of Minecraft, in space

Platform: Windows

Syder Arcade

Syder Arcade apps is Fast paced space shooter

Platform: Windows