Mobile HotSpot

Mobile HotSpot apps is Connect PCs and mobile devices to your phone’s network

Platform: Android

BEETmobile Hotspot App

BEETmobile Hotspot App apps is Share your internet connection easy and safely via WLAN: Tethering

Platform: Android


NetShare-no-root-tethering apps is A Free program for Android‚ by Khaleel

Platform: Android

SecureTether Secure no root Bluetooth tethering

SecureTether Secure no root Bluetooth tethering apps is A free program for android

Platform: Android


Prizmo apps is Use your digital camera as an OCR scanner

Platform: Mac

Bandwidth ruler free (Root /Non Root)

Bandwidth ruler free (Root /Non Root) apps is An android bandwidth manager for root and non root users, Internet/tethering speed setter / booster / data usage

Platform: Android