iMeasurer apps is Accurately measures walking or riding distance, using your mobile GPS.

Platform: iPhone


RunKeeper apps is A workout monitor that's not just for runners

Platform: Android Platform: iPhone


POIAlert apps is View points of interest near to you

Platform: Java

Pocket Distance Calculator

Pocket Distance Calculator apps is Utility for calculating distances between locations

Platform: Pocket PC

Brillante GPS Velocímetro

Brillante GPS Velocímetro apps is GPS Speedometer is a simple GPS Android app, which will show you your current position, speed in both miles per hour (mph) or kilometers per hour (kph), your latitude, longitude, altitude (in meters or feet), your total distance traveled and map of

Platform: Android

GPS Velocímetro en kph o mph

GPS Velocímetro en kph o mph apps is GPS Speedometer - this speed application uses your phone's gps module to determine your current altitude, latitude, maximal reached velocity and total distance.

Platform: Android