MusicDog apps is Listen to your favorite music and post your activity on Facebook, MySpace or Twitter

Platform: Windows

Count Munchula

Count Munchula apps is Count Dracula to bite your screen

Platform: BlackBerry

Periscope Player

Periscope Player apps is Stream music from your Subsonic server

Platform: Windows

Tomahawk Player

Tomahawk Player apps is Play your music anytime and anywhere

Platform: Windows


Pandora apps is The image collector's web spider and search agent for Mac OS X

Platform: Mac Platform: Windows Platform: Web Apps

Classic Rock App

Classic Rock App apps is Classic rock music news, Twitter tweets, Facebook posts, videos, photos, interviews, songs and lists from classic rock artists.

Platform: iPhone


exfm apps is Discover new music in an innovative way

Platform: iPhone

Twitter #Music

Twitter #Music apps is Find out what music people on Twitter are listening to

Platform: iPhone