Filedrop. apps is Drop file into wifi tube and it will apper in a nearby device

Platform: iPhone

BeamGo | WiFi Direct Transfer

BeamGo | WiFi Direct Transfer apps is Have you ever desperately needed to get a file from a friends device and had to mess with countless wires or low Internet speeds; well not anymore! BeamGo is the easiest and fastest way to transfer or share files between devices without the need for

Platform: Android

Remote WiFi Mouse

Remote WiFi Mouse apps is Remote WiFi Mouse turns your Android device into a wireless mouse, keyboard and microphone and lets you remote control PC.

Platform: Android

WiFI Static

WiFI Static apps is Manage your static IP settings with detailed control, for free

Platform: Android

Internet Sharing Wifi Hotspot

Internet Sharing Wifi Hotspot apps is Share your mobile data with others

Platform: Android

PPC InterfaceMonitor

PPC InterfaceMonitor apps is Monitor WiFi traffic on your device

Platform: Pocket PC

Iron Remote

Iron Remote apps is Turn your Android device into a WiFi remote controller for your Windows PC with this beautiful and simple application!

Platform: Windows

SuperBeam-WiFi Direct Share

SuperBeam-WiFi Direct Share apps is Stand aside Bluetooth - here comes SuperBeam...

Platform: Android