JDarkRoom apps is A text editor reminiscent of 80s computing!

Platform: Windows Platform: Mac

The Form Letter Machine

The Form Letter Machine apps is Write documents by using pre-written paragraphs

Platform: Windows


DevNote apps is DevNote is a text editor that can develop in multiple languages and write papers.

Platform: Windows


EasyWriter apps is Write emails quicker and more accurately

Platform: iPhone

Speech to Text

Speech to Text apps is Don't write your messages on the small smartphone keyboard, use "Speech to Text".

Platform: Android


TalkingMind apps is TalkingMind convert text you write to sound and let the computer talk.

Platform: Windows

Notepad++ Portable

Notepad++ Portable apps is Text editing on the move

Platform: Windows


PhraseExpress apps is Insert frequently-used text automatically

Platform: Windows


Gifmemes apps is Capture GIFS from existing video and write text to create animated memes.

Platform: Windows


inkBook apps is Write down your notes the old fashioned way

Platform: Mac