Pennovate Notes

Pennovate Notes apps is Notepad designed specifically for freehand writing

Platform: Palm OS

Text Block Writer

Text Block Writer apps is Useful tool for organising notes related to writing

Platform: Windows

Story Turbo

Story Turbo apps is Writing with notes & callouts, images, graphics also color organizer, whiteboard

Platform: Windows

Story Lite

Story Lite apps is Writing software, productive, notes, callout sidebar, zoom organizer, whiteboard

Platform: Windows

Bullet Memo

Bullet Memo apps is App is handy for writing notes.

Platform: Windows


Sketchbox apps is Interactive Experience for Artists

Platform: Windows Platform: Mac

Bear - beautiful writing app for notes and prose

Bear - beautiful writing app for notes and prose apps is A free program for mac, by Shiny Frog di Matteo Rattotti e C. S.N.C.

Platform: Mac Platform: iPhone


inkBook apps is Write down your notes the old fashioned way

Platform: Mac